April 17 Tasting with Scott Schultz of Jolie-Laide-Cuvee-Wine-Society

April 17 Tasting with Scott Schultz of Jolie-Laide

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We are pretty darn excited about this one. We have been begging for Scott Schultz's wines to be made available in Ohio and last summer we finally got our way! (Perfect timing, right?)

For the April 17 virtual tasting we will be hosting Scott himself and help him unveil his new spring release of wines, including two new bottlings he has never made before! Because this is his Spring release, expect the wines to be juicy and refreshing, the perfect wines to ring in the summer with. We will be tasting through 6 wines with Scott, and each kit will include a 4 oz pour of each wine. 


Here's a little information on the winery.

Jolie-Laide is a one-man operation based in a Sebastopol winery. The name Jolie-Laide translates loosely to “Pretty-Ugly”, a French term of endearment to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful. We believe Scott Schultz to be one of the most exciting and talented winemakers in California. His winemaking method is simple; whole cluster, foot crushed, aged in neutral oak and the outcome is magnificent. Scott works with a handful of growers many of which farm organically; it is in his ability to seek out spectacular vineyard sites which allow him to be hands off in the winemaking process. While Scott makes very little wine, we feel so grateful to share a piece of Jolie-Laide.

Scott’s passion for wine was ignited when he moved to Napa from Chicago in 2007. Scott began his transition into the winemaker world after a move to Napa for employment as Wine Director at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Napa Valley. As he explains, “everyone I met was a winemaker, so on my days off I followed people around to see what they were doing." Before he knew it, he had secured the cellar master job at Realm Winery. That was followed by working with Arnot-Roberts, and then joining Pax Mahle in the same capacity working on the ‘Pax’ and ‘Wind Gap’ labels. Scott’s passion for winemaking grew so significantly that he decided to start his own project in 2010. To this day, he shares a winemaking space with Pax and several other like-minded producers in Sebastopol.

Scott’s approach is a natural one, picking his grapes by hand, crushing them by foot treading and aging the finished wines in neutral oak. But his keen eye for finding great fruit from only sustainably and responsibly-farmed sites, coupled with his impressive winemaking talent never compromise the quality of the wines. “The do-nothing approach isn’t new by any means; it’s just funny how far many have gotten away from it.”