2018 Zuccardi "Q" Chardonnay, Tupungato, Mendoza-Cuvee-Wine-Society

2018 Zuccardi "Q" Chardonnay, Tupungato, Mendoza

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"The launch of Zuccardi Q in 1999 was a great yearning for my dad, who did the work in the vineyards started by my grandfather, beyond 1963. Zuccardi Q is special for the family, as it was the first wine to bear our name on the label. The simple letter 'Q' shows vineyards and plots that have been chosen. When we started the project, the best plots of each vineyard were marked with a 'Q' (for Quality, in English), a way that all those who work on these new wines, advise that this particular selection, request special attention in order to achieve grapes of exceptional quality. Also, the farm workers with better skills were called for this project.

Zuccardi Q is a 'Region Wine'. It is a cut of selected grapes from selected vineyards, from the best regions of Mendoza. Each plot is harvested separately and at different times in order to achieve the best varietal expression in each location." -- Sebastián Zuccardi