2018 Folk Machine "Film & Camera" Valdiguié, Redwood Valley, Mendocino-Cuvee-Wine-Society

2018 Folk Machine "Film & Camera" Valdiguié, Redwood Valley, Mendocino

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Kenny Likitprakong doesn't own any vineyards. There's no tasting room to visit. He doesn't have any employees. And that is exactly what he wants, because it allows him to make the wines he wants to, working with whatever vineyard he wants to, making wines that can tell a story and invoke a sense of place at an affordable price. The Valdiguié is from the Lolonis Vineyard in Redwood Valley, which was planted in 1945. If you aren't familiar with the Valdiguié grape, it was formerly known in California as Napa Gamay, though it has been renamed after it was discovered that it bears no relation to the Gamay grape, but instead is a grape known in the South of France as Gros Auxerrois. Never mind the genealogy, the grape is similar to Gamay in that it is all about bright, juicy fun. Put a slight chill on this and enjoy in the sun in front of the grill.