2016 Enrico Santini "Poggio Al Moro" Bolgheri, Tuscany-Cuvee-Wine-Society

2016 Enrico Santini "Poggio Al Moro" Bolgheri, Tuscany

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I've been deeply impressed with Enrico, ever since I met him sitting at a restaurant bar in Cincinnati a few years ago. Enrico started as a grocer who wanted to become a winemaker, so he sold his small grocery store and bought some vineyard. Since that day, with very little money, he has consistently worked with only the top quality in mind. In 2014 when the Tuscan vintage was a disaster and other much more expensive wineries spun a tail about how the wines were still great, Enrico dropped all of his fruit to the ground. For him, doing things the right way is the only way. This beautifully structured Cabernet blend deserves your attention.