2018 Catena "Adrianna Vineyard - White Stones" Chardonnay, Mendoza-Cuvee-Wine-Society

2018 Catena "Adrianna Vineyard - White Stones" Chardonnay, Mendoza

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Catena is unquestionably one of the most important wineries in South America. They are why people drink Malbec today. But long before the world fell in love with Malbec, Chardonnay from the Adrianna Vineyard was the heart of soul of the Catena family. The White Stones bottling comes from just 24 rows of vines. Impossibly small production, White Stones is without a doubt one of the finest white wines from the Southern Hemisphere. This is just about as close to Burgundy as the New World gets.


In 1902, Nicola Catena, an Italian immigrant, planted his first vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina. The winery has remained under family control — now in its fourth generation — and is one of the few family-owned wine companies in Argentina that remains in Argentine hands. Owned today by Nicolás Catena and his daughter Laura, Catena Zapata is known as the pioneer of fine wine from Argentina, and Nicolás is recognized as the vintner who revolutionized wine quality in Argentina. A trained economist, Nicolás began this revolution in the early 1980s and continues to challenge himself and his team to make wines that can be counted among the best in the world. His measured approach to viticulture has taken its place in wine history as the pioneer of Malbec and high-altitude viticulture.

Catena wines, first launched in 1992, set a new standard for quality in South America. The wines immediately proved the quality potential of Argentina and garnered the first outstanding reviews for Argentine wines from worldwide media. After more than 20 years, the wines of Catena continue to lead the way in Argentine viticulture and winemaking. The family and the winery’s employees take great pride in carrying on the tradition that began over a century ago.

Dr Laura Catena Zapata is one of the most incredible people in the world of wine today. She is the Managing Director of Catena Zapata and is the founder and board member of the research focused Catena Institute of Wine. She is a vintner, physician, and author, and has been called "the face of Argentine wine" for her active role in studying and promoting the Mendoza wine region and Argentine Malbec. Laura's life obsession is to learn more about high altitude viticulture, the vineyard soil microbiome and wine ageability.