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2008 Royal Tokaji Essencia

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Tokaji Essencia - once one the most sought-after wines in the world. It was the favored wine of the Russian imperial court, and Catherine the Great was so enamored that she left a permanent detachment of her personal guard in Hungary to ensure shipments of the nectar were shipped and protected. It is certainly among the rarest and most difficult wines in the world to make. Every single berry is picked in the vineyard, one by one, so that only the most beautifully botrytised grapes are used. They are collected in a 25kg basket and, without pressing, only the juice that seeps from that basket, about 1-1.5 liters, is collected and made into essencia. This wine is eternal. It can be cellared for well over 100 years. By tradition, it is served in a crystal spoon, for it would be a crime to even waste a drop. 

** Limited, 3 bottles available