2006 Sant'Elena "Quantum" Pignolo, Friuli-Cuvee-Wine-Society

2006 Sant'Elena "Quantum" Pignolo, Friuli

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In modern wine economics, wines are meant to sell as fast as possible, meaning that wines are often sold before they are most enjoyable. Sant'Elena takes a different approach, selling the wines when they think they are ready. It is owned and operated by the Nocerino family, who are responsible for introducing the wines of Angelo Gaja, Fontodi, Felsina, Giuseppe Rinaldi...the list goes on. They are one of the few importers who believe in cellaring the wines for the consumer and releasing when they are ready to be drunk. 
The Quantum Pignolo is an incredibly special and very intense wine. It is made from Pignolo grapes, which are a rare indigenous variety to the region of Friuli. These grapes are harvest and then dried out in a special room for 50 days, to slowly desiccate and intensify flavors, before it is then fermented and aged. This is definitely a wine for dishes like roasted boar, venison, or osso buco. A must-try for fans of Amarone.